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Motorcycle Wheels
Motorcycle Wheels

We offer our show-quality wheel plating services to the motorcycle industry such as Performance Machine, West Coast Choppers, Mid-West Choppers, etc. Harley's, Sport bikes, and Billet aftermarket, we have just about done them all. Please note that very few exchanges are available because we primarily process your wheels to ensure that the chromes you receive fit exactly and correctly. Due to the intricacy of these wheels, process time is approximately 15 to 20 days, depending on work done. During winter and spring seasons processing times may take longer due to the high volumes of wheels we receive during these times.

Motorcycle Wheel Chrome Plating Pricing

Due to the many types of sizes, designs and base material used on motorcycles, please call for a custom quotation, and have available photographs if requested.

Call For Pricing 661-294-0170
Dealer volume discounts are also available!

Payment is required prior to any work being performed. Payment for chrome work is accepted via Personal / Company check, PayPal, or Money Order. You may send payment along with the wheels attached to the Customer Instruction Sheet. This will help expedite processing time. If you are unsure of the work to be performed, we can upon receiving your wheels, send you an estimate once we have determined what work needs to be performed.

Harley Multi-Spoke
Harley Multi-Spoke
Harley Fatboy
Harley Fatboy
Harley Deuce
Harley Deuce
Motorcycle Wheels - Harley Davidson
Harley Multi-Spoke
Motorcycle Wheels
Sport Bike 5 Spoke
Motorcycle Wheels
Billet 1 Piece
Motorcycle Wheels
Sport Bike 3 Spoke
Motorcycle Wheels
Sport Bike 1 Piece

Please Note: Previously chrome plated parts require being chrome stripped before being rechromed. (Chrome Strip processing time is 3 to 10 business days.) Rechroming a wheel does not guarantee a perfect wheel. Corrosion can cause pitting which may show through the new chrome. We will rechrome the wheel with a best effort to make the wheel look as good as possible.

Please read the rechrome section of the website here.

For the cost to chrome strip a Motorcycle Call For Pricing 661-294-0170. The cost to chrome strip the hubs if separate Call For Pricing 661-294-0170.

A concern about chrome stripping a previously chromed motorcycle wheel is the bearing holes, metal races or anything steel attached to the wheel. Part of the chrome strip process is to place the wheel into Nitric acid. We can plug the bearing holes with rubber plugs to prevent acid from entering. However, there is no guarantee that the plugs will not leak.

We can remove the plugs during the copper stage to allow material to enter and tighten up the bearing holes. If the bearing holes are tight, you can freeze the bearings to contract and warm the wheel to expand to help with bearing installation or if the bearing holes are loose, you will need to peen, stake or knurl the bearing holes and/or use 3MT Scotch-Weld Retaining Compound for bearings and sleeves.

How do I send my motorcycle wheels?
Please remove all seals, bearings, races, gaskets, tires, valve stems, etc. from the wheels before freighting.

Before beginning, please determine which type of motorcycle wheel you have. For example, a Harley Fatboy, Harley Deuce, Honda Vulcray, and Suzuki GSX-R are all examples of one-piece motorcycle wheels. If the wheel is a custom billet wheel, it may actually be composed of multiple pieces. For example, there may be hubs bolted onto the wheel. These pieces need to be separated and plated individually, which will add an additional plating cost. Be sure to contact us for an accurate quote.

Secondly, please have the tire and all other hardware removed from the wheel, such as wheel bearing assemblies, bearing races, brake rotors, etc. If you have any questions about what needs to be removed, please contact us. Bearing assemblies need to be removed professionally by the use of a bearing puller. Using a hammer to remove the bearing can cause warping or distortion of the bearing hole. This will lead to problems when re-assembling the wheels.

To continue, please read the Shipping Guide.

Questions regarding bearing holes

Customers routinely ask "What about the bearings? Should I leave them in? Should I take them out?" Please remove all bearings, and races if applicable prior to shipping wheels for plate. This procedure is best perfomed by a professional shop which has the proper tools to remove and re-install the bearings.

We use specially made high density rubber plugs to assist in preventing plating build-up in the bearing hole. The following images illustrate how the rubber plugs work, and the final image shows a fully chrome plated wheel, with a clean bearing hole.

Bearing Plug Bearing Plug Bearing Plug Bearing Plug
CalChrome Clear and Custom Colored Chrome

Do you live in a harsher climate or near the beach where traditional chrome plating can have issues with salt corrosion? At CalChrome we are proud to offer a solution to this problem, previously unadressed in motorcycle wheels.

In the past our CalChrome Clear all season chrome was only available on automotive wheels. We have now developed the technology to run this finish on motorcycle wheels as well!

You can read more about CalChrome Clear by clicking here.

Also, unique to the CalChrome Clear finish, is our ability to tint the finish custom colors. Virtually any color is available, from black, to red, to blue to gold. So if you have a bike that you really want to do something unique with, Tinted CalChrome Clear may be exactly what you need.

CalChrome Clear on Motorcycle Wheel CalChrome Clear on Motorcycle Wheel Blue Tinted CalChrome Clear on Motorcycle Wheel Blue Tinted CalChrome Clear on Motorcycle Wheel
Completed customers examples
Pictured below are wheels chrome plated by California Chrome Wheel Inc.:
Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels
Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Chrome Motorcycle Wheels

Harley Davidson Fatboy Chrome Wheels
Harley Davidson Fatboy Chrome Wheels Harley Davidson Fatboy Chrome Wheels
2008 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy "Bullet Hole" wheels in bright chrome.

Chrome plated motorcycle wheel Chrome plated motorcycle wheel
Chrome plated motorcycle wheels Chrome plated motorcycle wheels
Chrome plated motorcycle wheel Chrome plated motorcycle wheel
Various sport bike wheels in bright chrome.

Honda Gold Wing chrome wheels
2006 Honda Gold Wing
18" Swept 5 Spoke
Honda Marchesini chrome wheel
Buell 17" Swept 3 Spoke
Motorcycle Wheels Motorcycle Wheels
Chrome PlatedMulti-Piece Motorcycle Wheel (above)
Motorcycle Wheels
Motorcycle Wheels Motorcycle Wheels
Sport Bike Sport Bike
Before and After
Harley Davidson Fatboy chrome wheels before and after
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