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What Makes us Different

Calchrome Team

Our Team

With hands on experience, rest assured our team is the most knowledgeable in the industry. From fitment to vehicle knowledge, all of our team are car enthusiasts. We do what we love for a living.

CalChrome Warehouse

Our Products

From Factory OEM wheels to complete custom wheels, CalChrome offers a wide range of wheels. Our warehouse is stocked with thousands of wheels for your convenience.

Calchrome Style

Our Style

It is very rare for us to turn down customization. If we do, it's because we've tried it and know we can't achieve the high quality results we are known for. From custom color matched paint to specialty copper plating, we make your idea a reality. Customize your wheels to be exactly what you want.

What we do at CalChrome

What we do different here at CalChrome, is that we are a one-stop-shop that can provide a variety of different custom finishes to enhance the original equipment manufacturers alloy wheels. At California Chrome Wheel Inc, we specialize in the application of premium aftermarket show quality chrome plating, a variety of black finishes (Gloss Fusion Coat, Matte Fusion Coat) and completely custom options which include Specialty Paint and finish combinations.

Wheel Exchange Chrome and Fusion Powder Coat

As shown above, the original wheel starts in a silver painted finish which is mechanically and chemically striped down to the base aluminum alloy. From that point, depending on the requested finish, the wheel will go into our show quality Chrome Plating process, Fusion Coat or custom finish options.


Detailed Wheel Hand Polishing

The difference is in the preparation
& polishing

Before any wheel is chrome plated, the surface must be prepared. This is accomplished by working the visible area of the wheel with coarse to very fine emery cloth. This work is accomplished by use of various upright and semi-automatic machinery. This brings the wheel from a course to a smooth surface. However, the wheel's surface will be refined even further to a high-luster surface. Various buffing pads, again from course to fine, polish the wheels with the aid of various polishing compounds.

Now that the wheel has been brought to a smooth, high-luster finish, more preparation is performed on the finely-detailed nooks and crannies using complex hand-tools. This attention to detail is what makes CalChrome the industry-leading quality show chrome.

Chrome Plated Pontiac GTO wheel

When a wheel is chrome-plated by our competition, automated machines are used to polish the wheel's face. In many cases, the interior window areas do not receive the proper amount of preparation (detail polishing). This lack of attention to detail becomes readily apparent once the wheel has been plated. The interior window areas are often bumpy and do not have the lustrous, reflective finish one would expect from a chrome wheel. CalChrome's additional preparation to the finely-detailed areas of the wheel brings the finest quality chrome to you- at no additional cost!

At California Chrome Wheel, we give each and every wheel the high level of polishing detail required to ensure a consistent, shiny finish. Many of our polishers have been refining the art of chrome polishing for over 15 years! You can be confident that your wheels will receive the incredible detailing that will produce a high-quality showpiece.

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Calchrome Wheel Tracking Number

A unique customer number is engraved
on each and every wheel.

Reputation is our livelihood here at California Chrome Wheel. Our "Leader in the industry" label has been hard won, with innovations such as our unique tracking system.

By engraving each wheel barrel with a distinct customer number, production number, and additional internal identification, we are able to track and identify each wheel throughout our entire chrome process.

With the number of wheels we process daily, this also guarantees you receive your exact piece back once completed.

Competition vs CalChrome

Competition Chrome Wheel CalChrome Chrome Wheel Plating

The wheel has been chromed. Notice the differences in reflectivity of the interior windows.

Examples of OEM polishing and CalChrome plating quality

Original Equipment Chrome Plating
Here is an example of typical Original Equipment chrome plating. Obviously the wheel has only been polished on the face, all automated.
California Chrome Wheel Chrome Plating
Here is an example of California Chrome Wheels chrome plating. All surfaces are uniformly smooth and lustrous, showing the quality of hand polishing.

Independent Chrome Plating Quality Testing

Chrome Plating STEP Testing

At California Chrome Wheel Inc. we continually strived to make improvements in our chrome plating process in an effort to provide not only the best looking product, but also the highest quality and best resistance to corrosion possible.

Chrome Plating STEP Testing Results

To that end, we at California Chrome Wheel Inc. have gone above and beyond what any other decorative plater today has done, and have had our chrome plating independently tested against not only a typical Chinese chrome plated wheel, but also against another high volume American based decorative chrome plating facility.

The results speak for themselves as the CalChrome plated wheel surpassed either of the other wheels by over three times the testing length and actually surpassed the standards set forth by Chrysler, Ford, and GM.

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Mechanical Strip (Media Blast)

Media Blasted Wheels Sand Blasted

At California Chrome we also offer a non-corrosive and non-destructive form of mechanical paint and chrome stripping called Uniform Media Blasting.

Uniform Media Blast is a cold working procedure by which the part surface is bombarded with small spheres of uniform media that creates compressive stresses used primarily to increase corrosion resistance, reduce porosity in castings, increase the fatigue life, and prevent stress and cracking of metal parts. Nearly all fatigue failures originate on the surface of a part, however, Uniform Media Blast significantly reduces this problem since cracks will not initiate in a compressively stressed area.

The finished texture of the wheel (prior to polishing) depends on the casting design, and alloy composition. Uniform Media Blast may create a slightly rougher finish in areas that are not polished, but which actually aids in keeping the tires from slipping and rotating on the wheels in high-performance applications.

Inner Barrel Polishing

Inner Barrel Polishing Front View

Front View of Wheels

Here is an example showing two wheels side by side, both made by the same manufacturer, both made from the same material, and both made using the same manufacturing process. Both have been chrome plated by California Chrome Wheel Inc. and are ready for mounting.

Inner Barrel Polishing Top View

Top View of Wheels

As you can see in these pictures, the face, windows, lips and outer barrel of both wheels have been expertly prepped and polished prior to chrome plating. As a result, the chrome is of a show room quality luster second to none.

Inner Barrel Polishing Rear View

Rear View of Wheels

Upon closer inspection it is apparent that the wheel on the left has had special prep work done on the inner barrel of the wheel.

Unpolished inner wheel barrel

Un-Polished Inner Barrel

This image shows the inner barrel of a standard chrome plated wheel. While the entire surface has in fact been chrome plated, it does not have the mirror like reflectivity that chrome is known for. This is because the inner barrel is very rarely prepped and polished since obviously it is not as visible as the face of the wheel.

Close up of inner barrel polish

Polished Inner Barrel

This image shows the chrome wheel where the inner barrel has been specially prepped and polished. Note how the inner barrel of this wheel is just as reflective as the face or lips of the wheel. Due to the extra labor involved in this kind of polishing, it is usually reserved for show vehicles, only available through special order, and at increased cost. Call for details.

Full Polished Wheel Rear Hub

Rear of Hub and Spokes

Note that while the inner barrel is fully polished, the rear side of the hub and spokes are not specially prepped.

Close comparison of polished barrel

Close Comparison of polished vs. unpolished inside back barrel.

Close up of Fully Polished Wheels
Close up of Fully Polished Wheels

Why Buy From Us?

Service You Can Trust You should understand the different types and what will fit and what will not. Buying custom wheels is definitely NOT as easy as 1-2-3. The issues of getting wheels without tires, as well as other details.

In-House Wheel Experts

Call us with any questions! If you need information on any of the wheels we offer, or if you want to get some professional advice on the correct wheels and tires for your vehicle, feel free to contact our Expert Team.

Mounting and Balancing

Call us with any questions! If you need information on any of the wheels we offer, or if you want to get some professional advice on the correct wheels and tires for your vehicle, feel free to contact our Expert Team.

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Call us with any questions! If you need information on any of the wheels we offer, or if you want to get some professional advice on the correct wheels and tires for your vehicle, feel free to contact our Expert Team.

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